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Candy Pongal is a creamy, candy porridge made with rice, mung lentils and flavored with cardamoms, dry fruits. Candy Pongal is also called sakkarai pongal and chakkara pongal in South Indian languages is a festive dish historically made through the Pongal Competition in South India.

sweet pongal served in an antique brass pan with a side of an antique brass spoon and some ladoo and dark pink and white flowers on a brass plate

About this recipe

There are some South Indian recipes supplied in temples which are a favourite with us – Ven Pongal, Curd Rice, Tamarind Rice, Paal Payasam and this candy Pongal. I’ve had these recipes as prashad (naivdeyam) in lots of South Indian temples and beloved their style.

Candy pongal is made with cooked rice and yellow moong lentils to which jaggery is added. Jaggery is Indian unrefined cane sugar and has a molasses-like taste and style. So you’ll be able to think about what this candy pongal tastes like.

The flavorings added in sakkarai pongal are in fact cardamom powder coupled with some cashews and raisins.

Throughout pooja or on auspicious days, I make sweets and supply them to the Mom Goddess. At any time when I supply something to the deities, I at all times add a pinch of edible camphor in these delicacies.

Although do word that including edible camphor in your candy pongal is completely elective.

I additionally add clove powder or clove to any savory or candy dish that I supply to the Devi. That is one thing which I comply with in our household, as my mom and mother-in-law do the identical.

So on this chakkara pongal, I’ve powdered one clove and added it. Although including clove is elective.

Step-by-Step Information

The way to make Candy Pongal

In your ease of understanding and studying, I’ve divided the whole step-by-step recipe of candy pongal into 6 steps. In order that it’s simple for you.

  1. Roasting rice and moong dal
  2. Cooking rice & moong lentils
  3. Making ready jaggery syrup
  4. Sweetening rice and lentils
  5. Frying dry fruits
  6. Making candy pongal

Step 1: roasting rice and moong dal

1. Decide ½ cup rice and ⅓ cup moong dal first to do away with stones if any. Then warmth a small pan or a small kadai and add each the rice and moong lentils.

moong dal and rice in a pan for making sweet pongal

2. On a low flame stirring typically roast each the rice and moong lentils, till they change into fragrant.

roasting dal and rice with a wooden spatula

three. You solely have to roast, till the moong lentils change into fragrant. You don’t require to brown them.

roasted mung lentils and rice

four. Now take the roasted rice and lentils in one other bowl or a strainer.

roasted lentils and rice taken in a steel bowl

5. Rinse each the roasted rice and moong dal a few occasions with water.

rinsed mung lentils and rice

Step 2: cooking rice and moong lentils

6. Drain effectively after which add each rice and lentils in a three litre strain cooker. Pour three cups water. The quantity of water can add will depend on the consistency you like and the standard of moong dal.

Largely I prepare dinner the moong lentils for eight to 9 whistles. Thus I add three or three.25 cups water. For faster cooker number of moong lentils, add 2.5 cups water and strain prepare dinner for two to three whistles.

mung lentils, rice and water in a pressure cooker

7. Stress prepare dinner on medium warmth for 11 to 12 minutes or for eight to 9 whistles.

pressure cooker sealed with its lid

eight. When the strain quiet down by itself within the cooker, take away the lid. Examine to see if the rice and lentils have softened properly and look mushy.

TIP: Add ½ to 1 cup scorching water and blend completely, if you happen to get a separate texture of rice and lentils much like that of a Pulao.

cooked rice and lentils ready to make chakkara pongal

9. Each the rice and the moong dal needs to be cooked very effectively and mushy. With a spoon barely mash the cooked rice and moong lentils. If cooked effectively, then cowl with the lid and put aside. The consistency of the cooked rice and lentils is like that of a khichdi.

lentils and rice mashed with a spoon

10. In the meantime when the rice is cooking, crush seeds of 5 inexperienced cardamoms + 1 clove in a mortar-pestle. If utilizing cardamom powder alone, then you’ll be able to add ½ teaspoon of it.

crushed cardamom and clove powder in a steel mortar

Step three – making ready jaggery syrup

11. Chop 115 to 120 grams jaggery. It is best to get about ½ cup tightly packed chopped or grated jaggery.

This a lot quantity of jaggery makes the sakkarai pongal simply candy. For extra sweetness, you’ll be able to add ¼ cup extra.

On events I additionally use natural jaggery powder and add it on to the cooked rice+moong lentils.

TIP: If you’re utilizing jaggery or jaggery powder with out impurities, then you’ll be able to add it on to the cooked rice+lentils combination.

chopped jaggery on a white chopping board for making sakkarai pongal

12. Now take ½ cup water in a pan. Add the chopped jaggery.

chopped jaggery and water in a frying pan

13. On a low to medium flame, warmth this jaggery answer till the jaggery melts fully.

jaggery and water being heated

14. Do stir and break the jaggery chunks or items with a spatula or spoon in order that they soften simply.

amber brown colored jaggery liquid being simmered

15. Let the syrup bubble up a bit. You will get an amber coloured syrup when all of the jaggery is melted, you probably have used darkish jaggery.

You probably have mild coloured jaggery, then the colour will likely be pale yellow to yellow. If you would like you’ll be able to thicken the syrup extra.

amber colored jaggery solution ready to make sweet pongal

Step four – sweetening the rice and lentils

16. Straining the jaggery syrup by a sieve, straight add it within the cooked rice+lentils combination. If utilizing natural jaggery powder, you’ll be able to add it straight.

jaggery solution strained with a strainer into the cooked rice and lentils

17. Now add the crushed cardamom+clove powder and a pinch of edible camphor.

jaggery syrup, cardamom and clove powder on top of mashed rice and lentils

18. Combine the whole lot very effectively. The chakkara pongal will thicken because it cools. So if the combination seems to be thick, then you’ll be able to add ¼ to ⅓ cup scorching water.

mixed all the ingredients evenly

Step 5 – frying dry fruits

19. Warmth four to five tablespoons ghee. You may add a bit much less ghee if you happen to want.

ghee melted in a frying pan

20. Add 12 to 15 cashews. You may hold the cashews entire or halve or chop them.

cashews added to hot ghee

21. Fry the cashews till they change into mild golden.

cashews being fried

22. Then add 1 tablespoons raisins.

raisins added

23. Start to stir and fry.

raisins and cashews getting fried

24. Stirring typically fry till the raisins swell and change into plump.

raisins become plump

Step 6 – making candy pongal

25. Then instantly take away the pan from the range prime and add the fried cashews, raisins and ghee to the cooked rice and lentils.

fried mixture of raisins, cashews and ghee on the mashed rice and lentils mixture

26. Combine very effectively.

making sakkarai or sweet Pongal recipe

27. Provide to the Goddess or you’ll be able to serve candy pongal scorching or heat to your loved ones members. You may garnish sakkarai pongal with among the fried cashews and raisins whereas serving.

sakkarai pongal served in an antique brass pan with a side of an antique brass spoon and some ladoo and dark pink and white flowers on a brass plate


  • With milk: Some model of candy pongal are made with milk. So you’ll be able to undoubtedly add milk instead of water on this recipe. Milk will make the sakkarai pongal barely richer and creamier.
  • With sugar: Although jaggery is historically utilized in making sakkarai pongal, however you’ll be able to change it with uncooked sugar or white sugar. Sweeteners like coconut sugar or palm sugar additionally make glorious substitutes.
  • Wholesome substances: Rice and moong lentils are once more the norm in a candy pongal. Although in fact you’ll be able to deviate and make sakkarai pongal with cracked wheat (dalia), millets or oats.

The way to make Candy Pongal in Prompt Pot

Observe these steps to make candy pongal in your IP:

  1. First roast the rice and lentils individually in a frying pan. Then rinse and add these to the metal insert of your IP.
  2. Pour three.5 cups water. Stress prepare dinner on excessive strain for six to 7 minutes. Do a fast strain launch after 10 to 12 minutes.
  3. When you see that the consistency is thick or with separate grains, then pour some water. Combine and press the sauté button to simmer the combination for a few minutes.
  4. Add the bottom cardamom and clove powder. Make the jaggery syrup and add it. Later fry the cashews, raisins individually and blend it with the cooked rice and lentils. Serve chakkara pongal scorching or heat.


Knowledgeable Ideas

Ingredient notes

  • Sweeteners: Jaggery imparts a stunning earthy molasses-like style. When you wouldn’t have jaggery, then add uncooked sugar or white sugar in the identical quantity. Palm sugar and coconut sugar additionally work splendidly in a candy pongal. For extra sweetness, you’ll be able to add ¼ cup extra jaggery. On events, I additionally use natural jaggery powder and add it on to the cooked rice+moong lentils. Jaggery might be simply bought on-line or on amazon.
  • Ghee: You may add a bit much less ghee if you happen to want that. Extra ghee will certainly make the chakkara pongal wealthy and extra flavorful.
  • Rice: Any medium or short-grained non-sticky rice can be utilized. Usually, through the pongal pageant, freshly harvested rice is used. If you may get freshly harvested rice, then do make the candy pongal recipe with it.
  • Spices: Cardamom is an important spice. However you’ll be able to omit clove and edible camphor.

Recipe notes

  • Cooking lentils: Relying on the standard of moong dal you alter the quantity of water and strain prepare dinner for much less or extra time. I strain prepare dinner the lentils for eight to 10 whistles and add three or three.25 cups water. In case your moong lentils prepare dinner sooner, then add 2.5 cups water and strain prepare dinner them for two to three whistles on medium warmth.
  • Cooking in a pan: You may simply make candy pongal on the stove-top in a pot or pan. Dry roast the rice and lentils first. Add them in a pan with four to four.5 cups water and prepare dinner till softened. Do add extra water if required.
  • Proportion of rice and lentils: In my recipe, the proportion of rice is barely extra. Equal proportions of moong lentils and rice additionally work effectively.
  • Scaling: You may simply double or triple this recipe of chakkara pongal to make a big batch.
  • Storage: You probably have any leftovers then retailer within the fridge for 1 to 2 days. I might not suggest freezing because the style is not going to be the identical and it’s at all times higher to eat rice and lentils freshly cooked. After refrigeration, if the consistency seems to be very thick or lumpy, then add some scorching water or milk to skinny it barely.

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Candy Pongal or sakkarai pongal is a creamy, candy festive dish made with rice, mung lentils, jaggery and flavored with cardamoms, dry fruits and ghee.

Prep Time 5 minutes

Prepare dinner Time 15 minutes

Complete Time 20 minutes

Servings four

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This candy pongal recipe from the archives (July 2016) has been republished and up to date on 12 January 2020

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