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Bhindi ki sabji is a straightforward, straightforward and engaging vegan recipe of a mildly spiced dry okra curry that tastes delish with some Indian breads like roti or phulka. Bhindi sabzi additionally makes for a comforting meal with dal and rice – an ideal Indian meal accompanied by some mango pickle or raita or salad.

bhindi ki sabji served with dal and steamed rice in steel bowls

About this recipe

That is one in all my mother’s wonderful recipe for making bhindi ki sabji. It’s comparatively straightforward to organize and tastes additionally good.

At my mother’s place in Konkani language we name it ‘Bhendi chi bhaji‘.

Okra is known as as ‘bhindi’ in Hindi and ‘bhendi’ in Marathi or Konkani languages. ‘Sabji‘ in Hindi or ‘bhaji‘ in Marathi means any vegetable or a dish made with any veggie.

Okra is a favourite with many people and in India, we’ve got so many recipes made with these vibrant, inexperienced, shiny pods.

In my mother’s bhindi ki sabji recipe, there’s a particular spice added that brings in a delicate taste and aroma to the dish – they’re powdered fennel seeds also referred to as saunf powder in Hindi.

Now for those who should not have any fennel seeds powder, then don’t add it. Your bhindi sabzi will nonetheless style good.

The bottom of the recipe is sautéed onions, tomatoes with fragrant floor spices and not pungent floor spices. In our bhindi sabji recipe, we don’t add ginger, garlic and purple chilli powder.

To present faint warmth notes, inexperienced chillies are added. You possibly can skip including these when you’ve got very small youngsters or you’re illiberal to spice.

Step-by-Step Information

How you can make Bhindi ki Sabji

Earlier than you start making bhindi sabzi, it’s a must to prep the okra, chop after which begin with making bhindi sabzi.


1. Rinse 250 grams bhindi (okra) nicely with water. Drain all of the water.

bhindi or okra being rinsed in fresh water in a colander

2. Dry every bhindi with a kitchen serviette. You don’t get a slimy or mushy bhindi for those who wipe dry the okra very nicely. If in case you have time, you may even unfold the rinsed okra on a tray or plate and allow them to dry naturally.

drying okra on a kitchen napkin to make  bhindi ki sabji

three. Slice and discard the stalks and the decrease tip from the okra pods.

bhindi without the stalks and tips

four. Chop the bhindi into spherical items of ½ to 1 inch.

chopped okra in a white bowl to make bhindi ki sabji


You start by first sautéing the onions, then the tomatoes and the bottom spices. Be sure that to maintain all the bottom spices prepared with you as you add them one after the other to the dish.

5. Warmth 2 tablespoons oil in pan or wok. Add ¾ to 1 cup chopped onions (about 1 giant onion). For the oil, you may add sunflower oil, peanut oil or any impartial oil.

chopped onions in a pan

6. Stir and blend the onions.

sauteing onions

7. Sauté the onions till they soften on a low to medium-low warmth.

sauteing onions

eight. Now add 1 teaspoon chopped inexperienced chillies (1 inexperienced chili) and ¾ to 1 cup chopped tomatoes (1 giant tomato).

adding chopped tomatoes and green chillies

9. Combine nicely and sauté for a few minutes till the tomatoes soften and grow to be pulpy.

sauteing tomatoes

10. Add 1 teaspoon fennel powder, 1 teaspoon coriander powder, ½ teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 pinch of asafoetida (hing), a pinch or two of dry mango powder (amchur powder) and ¼ teaspoon garam masala powder.

adding spice powders

11. Combine nicely and sauté for a minute.

making bhindi sabji

Making Bhindi ki Sabji

12. Then add the chopped okra.

adding bhindi

13. Combine nicely after which add salt as required. Gently combine once more.

adding salt

14. Place a lid with a rim on the pan or kadai. Pour some water on the lid. You see right here that on this method we aren’t including any water to the bhindi. This may make them mushy and slimy.

The water added on high of the lid helps to create steam contained in the pan which helps in cooking the bhindi. This methodology saves a number of time and there’s much less likelihood of the bhindi or the opposite substances sticking to the pan.

Nonetheless, it’s a must to examine after each jiffy, in case the bhindi sabzi begins sticking to the pan.

cooking bhindi sabji covered with a rimmed lid with water in it

15. Cook dinner the okra till they’re tender on a low to medium warmth. Carry on checking in between and stir often, in order to keep away from the bhindi bhaji sticking to the underside of the pan.

cooking bhindi ki sabji

16. When the okra is tender and softened, garnish with 1 to 2 tablespoons chopped coriander leaves.

garnishing bhindi ki sabji with coriander leaves

17. Serve Bhindi ki sabji sizzling or heat.

bhindi ki sabji served with dal and steamed rice in steel bowls

What to serve Bhindi ki Sabji with?

Bhindi ki sabji is finest had with Indian flatbreads – roti, paratha or naan. As a aspect veggie dish it additionally tastes nice with dal and rice or kadhi-rice and makes for a whole meal. Bhindi bhaji can be packed in lunchbox with some roti, paratha or bread.


Skilled Ideas

  • Selecting okra: Purchase okra pods that are tender, younger and recent. Aged okra should not have that shiny inexperienced colour and will have darkish spots or marks on them. They can even be extremely stringy.
  • Chopping bhindi: When chopping bhindi, make certain they’re fully dry and don’t also have a drop of water or moisture on them. Whereas reducing bhindi, you will note among the sticky substance on the knife. Merely wipe it with a paper kitchen towel.
  • Cooking non-sticky okra: There are a lot of methods okra recipes are made within the Indian delicacies. A tried and examined methodology is so as to add bitter substances like tomatoes, tamarind, yogurt, vinegar, lemon juice and so on. The acidity from these substances help make the okra non-sticky and non-slimy. In my recipe we obtain this by including tomatoes and dry mango powder.
  • Scaling: You possibly can double or triple the recipe simply.
  • Spicing: This bhindi ki sabji is delicate and never spicy or pungent. For a spicy style, you may add some purple chilli powder, ginger-garlic paste and improve the variety of inexperienced chillies.
  • Gluten-free model: To make a gluten-free bhindi sabzi, merely skip asafetida (hing) or add gluten-free asafetida.
  • Cooking in Immediate pot: I by no means cook dinner dry or semi-dry okra recipes within the Immediate pot. It’s best to make use of a frying pan, skillet or kadai (Indian wok) to make recipes like this one. Making this bhindi ki sabji within the immediate pot, will make it mushy and slimy as water will probably be added.


How do you retain okra from getting slimy when cooking?

Firstly, dry the okra fully earlier than you chop them. Use an acidic bitter meals ingredient (talked about within the ideas part above) in your recipe. Strive to not minimize the okra finely. Sautéing, pan frying or deep frying okra additionally helps in decreasing the sliminess.

How lengthy ought to okra be cooked?

Okra doesn’t take loads of time to be cooked. If the okra pods are recent and tender, they cook dinner very quick – about 7 to eight minutes. If they’re barely mature, they are going to take a few extra minutes to cook dinner.

Can we wash bhindi after reducing?

No, by no means wash or rinse bhindi after reducing. When recent chopped bhindi is available in contact with water, you’re headed to get a very gooey, slimy and sticky bhindi.

Why is my okra turning black?

While you preserve okra for a lot of days within the fridge, they flip black and should not edible. Do preserve them in a moisture-free dry cotton bag (which is what I do) and use them in 1 to 2 days. Don’t preserve for an extended time.

Do you peel okra?

No – okra is rarely peeled.

How do you retain bhindi inexperienced when cooking?

First, use an excellent high quality heavy pan when sautéing or pan-frying bhindi. Subsequent don’t overcook the bhindi. Simply cook dinner them until their crunch shouldn’t be felt and so they have superbly softened. I’ve learn and heard on including baking soda to protect the inexperienced colour on the veggies, however I don’t observe such practices in my on a regular basis cooking.

Extra Scrumptious Bhindi Recipes

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Bhindi ki sabji is a straightforward, straightforward and engaging vegan recipe of a mildly spiced dry okra curry that tastes delish with an Indian bread like roti or phulka.

Prep Time 15 minutes

Cook dinner Time 15 minutes

Complete Time 40 minutes

Delicacies Indian

Course: Facet Dish

Weight-reduction plan: Vegan

Problem Degree: Straightforward

Servings three

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This bhindi ki sabji recipe from the archives (Oct 2012) has been republished and up to date on 23 December 2020.

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