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This Rajma recipe is a frivolously spiced, creamy and a scrumptious Punjabi curry made with kidney beans, onions, tomatoes and spices. That is my mother’s recipe of constructing this well-known and really restaurant type Punjabi Rajma Masala.

rajma masala garnished with a few kasuri methi and served in a white bowl on a brown wooden board and a plate of rice and rajma curry with a spoon kept on left top side of the board

Rajma masala is a weekly affair at house and a Sunday lunch. This specific rajma recipe made restaurant type goes very properly with each steamed rice in addition to naan. And when you could have rajma and rice, do you want anything?

In my house, there are not any aspect dishes made on the day when rajma is cooked. Simply the soften within the mouth rajma beans in a creamy curry together with rice and you’ve got a comforting meal.

Why this recipe works

This rajma recipe follows the normal and the most typical technique of constructing rajma curry. So there are not any possibilities of something going unsuitable, in case you observe the recipe accurately.

Within the recipe, the kidney beans are cooked first that are later added to a sautéed base of spices, onions and tomatoes. This flavorful base is cooked additional to a curry or gravy consistency by including some water after which completed off with some cream.

Including cream makes for a really restaurant-style rajma thats tastes so good and which you’ll serve with Indian flat breads like naan or paratha or roti.

My household loves rajma masala with steamed basmati rice. However even Indian flat breads and jeera rice accompany rajma masala very properly.

Step-by-Step Information

make Rajma recipe


1. Rinse for a few instances after which soak 1 cup rajma (kidney beans) in sufficient water in a single day or for Eight to 9 hours.

soaked rajma (kidney beans)

2. Subsequent day discard the soaked water. Drain and rinse the soaked beans for a couple of instances in working water.

rinsing the soaked rajma with fresh water

three. Once more drain all of the water and add the rinsed kidney beans in a three litre stress cooker.

rajma beans added in a 3 litre pressure cooker

four. Add three.5 to four cups of water and stir. Strain prepare dinner the rajma for 18 to 20 whistles or for about 15 to 20 minutes.

water being added

5. When the kidney beans are cooking, you’ll be able to chop 1 massive onion (¾ to 1 cup finely chopped onion), 2 massive tomatoes (1 cup finely chopped tomatoes) and make the crushed ginger+garlic+inexperienced chili paste.

It’s worthwhile to crush or grind 1 inch ginger, 5 to six small garlic cloves or three to four medium garlic cloves & 1 to 2 inexperienced chilies to a paste in a mortar-pestle or a small grinder.

finally chopped tomatoes, onion and crushed ginger-garlic-green chillies kept aside for the rajma recipe

6. When the stress settles down by itself within the cooker, open the lid. Verify if the rajma is cooked or not by consuming or urgent a bean along with your fingers. The cooked beans mustn’t have a chew to them.

The rajma beans ought to be utterly cooked. If they aren’t cooked utterly, then stress prepare dinner once more including some water if required for some minutes.

cooked rajma beans

Making rajma masala

7. Warmth three tablespoons butter or 2 tablespoons butter + 1 tablespoon oil in one other pot or pan or kadai.

melting butter in a frying pan

Eight. Add ½ teaspoon cumin seeds first and allow them to crackle & get browned.

added cumin seeds in the frying pan

9. Then add the finely chopped onions.

added finely chopped onions in the pan

10. Stir and start to sauté them.

sautéing the onions

11. Carry on stirring the onions whereas sauteing them, for uniform cooking and likewise in order that they don’t get burnt. Take care to not burn them as this can impart bitter tones to the rajma curry.

onion being stirred and sautéed with a black spoon

12. Mild browning of the onions can be effective.

onions have become light golden

13. Sauté the onions until they’re caramelized or golden browned.

onions are getting caramelized

14. Add the crushed ginger-garlic-chilli paste.

crushed ginger-garlic-chilli paste added

15. Stir and sauté for five to 10 seconds on a low flame or until the uncooked aroma of ginger-garlic goes away.

ginger-garlic-chilli paste being sautéed

16. Add the finely chopped tomatoes.

 finely chopped tomatoes added

17. Combine very properly.

tomatoes have been mixed

18. Sauté for two to three minutes until the tomatoes turn into tender.

tomatoes have softened

19. Add all of the spice powders one after the other – ¼ teaspoon turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon pink chilli powder, 1 teaspoon coriander powder, a pinch of asafoetida (hing) and ½ teaspoon garam masala powder.

spiced powders added

20. Combine once more very properly.

spice powders being mixed with a black spoon

21. Proceed to sauté the entire masala base until the fats begins leaving the perimeters of masala.

some fat leaving the sides of the sautéed onion-tomato masala base

22. Use a slotted spoon or a strainer and take away the rajma beans and add them to the masala. You may as well pressure the rajma first and maintain it apart. Hold the inventory (the water wherein the kidney beans had been cooked) additionally apart.

cooked rajma added

23. Stir and sauté for a minute.

rajma mixed well with the masala base

Cooking rajma curry

24. Take 2 cups from the inventory or a combination of inventory+water and add.

stock and water added

25. Add salt as required.

salt being added

26. Stir the entire rajma curry combination.

rajma curry after mixing and stirring

27. On a low to medium-low flame, simmer with out a lid for 10 to 12 minutes or extra until the rajma masala thickens barely. The rajma curry shouldn’t be watery.

simmering rajma masala gravy

28. Mash a couple of rajma beans with the spoon. This helps to thicken the rajma curry.

mashing some kidney beans with a spoon in the frying pan itself

29. Proceed to simmer until you get a medium consistency within the curry.

simmering rajma curry

30. Do stir at intervals when the rajma masala is simmering.

stirring rajma masala with a black spoon

31. The Punjabi rajma masala has to thicken and the curry needs to be of the best consistency, which is neither too thick nor skinny.

spoon showing the consistency of the rajma masala

32. Then add 1 teaspoon crushed kasuri methi (dry fenugreek leaves) and a pair of to three tablespoons cream (low-fat cream). Combine very properly & simmer for 30 seconds to 1 minute. If utilizing heavy whipping cream, then simply add 1 tablespoon of it.

cream and kasuri methi added to the rajma masala

33. Change off the warmth.

cream and kasuri methi mixed and rajma recipe is ready to be served

34. Serve rajma masala restaurant-style with steamed basmati rice, jeera rice, roti or jeera paratha or naan or saffron rice. The combo of rajma rice or rajma chawal is sort of well-known.

rajma masala garnished with a few kasuri methi and served in a white bowl on a brown wooden board and a plate of rice and rajma curry with a spoon kept on  left top side of the board


Knowledgeable Ideas

  • Why to soak kidney beans? You will need to soak the rajma (kidney beans) in a single day or for Eight to 9 hours after which prepare dinner them rather well. Dried beans when soaked turn into easier to digest as soaking reduces the phytic acid in them. The phytates current in beans trigger indigestion and flatulence. Soaking additionally helps the beans to prepare dinner sooner.
  • Cooking rajma: Whereas making recipe with kidney beans, they must be cooked rather well. They need to soften in your mouth while you chew into them providing no resistance. This can be a very essential and probably the most missed facet of cooking rajma. Even in eating places, the beans have a chew in them and this not solely ruins the feel within the dish but in addition impacts your abdomen.
  • High quality of kidney beans: All the time purchase rajma beans that are new and never previous. The older they’re they take numerous time to prepare dinner and we don’t get the right texture within the rajma. I all the time test the packaging date whereas shopping for them and I don’t purchase rajma in the event that they are older than 6 months.
  • Canned kidney beans: When utilizing canned kidney beans, add them on the step the place cooked beans are added. Add contemporary water and proceed to simmer for some minutes until the consistency thickens. You should utilize two 15 ouncescanned kidney beans.
  • Gluten-free variation: To make this rajma recipe gluten-free, skip the asafoetida (hing) within the recipe.
  • Vegan variation: As a substitute of butter used oil and skip the cream utterly.


1. Can I exploit darkish kidney beans?

Often Punjabi rajma masala is made with the pinkish coloured and striped kidney beans. However you need to use the darkish pink kidney beans.

2. How do I exploit canned kidney beans and the way a lot?

1 cup of dried kidney beans yields about three cups cooked beans. A 15 ouncescan makes for 1.5 to 1.75 cups of canned beans. Thus you might simply use two 15 ouncescanned kidney beans within the recipe.

three. Why my rajma beans will not be getting cooked properly or taking a very long time to prepare dinner?

Relying on the standard and freshness of the beans, it could possibly take roughly time to prepare dinner. All the time keep away from aged beans as they don’t soften and prepare dinner properly.

four. I forgot to soak the kidney beans – now what I ought to do?

Soak dried kidney beans in scorching water for 1 to 2 hours. Cowl the bowl when soaking. Later rinse and drain and prepare dinner them.

5. Can I sauté the onions, tomatoes after which stress prepare dinner the rajma?

Sure you need to use this technique. Generally as a result of acidity of the tomatoes, the rajma beans relying on their freshness could not prepare dinner properly. However I’ve tried this manner of cooking many instances and it really works for me when utilizing contemporary kidney beans. 

6. Can I skip cream?

Sure you’ll be able to skip cream. 

7. Can I skip kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves)?

Sure you’ll be able to skip kasuri methi.

Eight. Can I skip asafoetida?

After all, you’ll be able to skip asafoetida. Within the Indian delicacies, we usually add asafoetida to lentil or bean dishes as they assist in digestion. However on this rajma masala recipe, asafoetida is definitely skippable.

9. Can I exploit canned tomatoes?

Sure you need to use canned tomatoes. Use 1 cup of crushed tomatoes.

10. make a really thick gravy for the rajma masala?

As a substitute of mashing rajma, you’ll be able to take about ¼ cup of the cooked beans and grind or mix it in a grinder or blender with some water to a effective paste. Add this paste to the curry base and simmer. The rajma masala can have a thick consistency. 

11. prepare dinner kidney beans in a pot or pan?

First soak the kidney beans as standard for Eight to 9 hours. Drain them and rinse them with contemporary water. Then in a big pot, take sufficient water, rajma and salt. Cowl and prepare dinner for about 45 minutes or 1 hour or extra time until the beans are softened.

12. Can I skip butter on this rajma recipe

Sure you’ll be able to skip butter.

13. make rajma masala within the On the spot Pot?

Sauté the spices, onions and tomatoes within the On the spot Pot utilizing the sauté button. Add the soaked and drained kidney beans and water. Press the stress cooker button or the chili button and set the time to 30 minutes at excessive stress. Let the stress launch naturally after 12 to 15 minutes. Take away the lid. Press cancel button and press the sauté button once more. Simmer stirring usually until the curry thickens. Mash some beans when simmering to thicken the gravy. 

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This Rajma recipe is a creamy, tangy and spiced curry made with dried kidney beans. This restaurant type Rajma Masala is made in a base of sautéed onions, tomatoes, spices and cream making it really scrumptious.

Prep Time 9 hrs

Cook dinner Time 45 minutes

Whole Time 9 hrs 45 minutes

Delicacies Punjabi

Course: Fundamental Course

Eating regimen: Vegetarian

Problem Degree: Straightforward

Servings 5

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This recipe put up from the archives (October 2013) has been republished and up to date on 23 September 2020 with a video and loads of my skilled ideas with FAQs.

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